We provide a full range of accounting services that includes:

Assistance to bookkeepers: If you employ a bookkeeper we can assist you in evaluating and managing this task effectively. This will improve your financial reporting and limit the risk of non-compliance.

Processing: We use Pastel Partners Accounting for outsourced processing and bookkeeping. We can assist you in keeping all your accounting records up to date..

Annual financial statements We compile financial statements for your business, ensuring that your financials are in accordance with International Framework and Reporting Standards (IFRS) for SMEs or any other relevant reporting framework.

Financial management We help you to understand your financial results, pointing out risk and potential, so you get a deeper insight into your business...

Payroll Services / We offer the following payroll services: / Payroll Services

Payslips - we provide these to you in your preferred format and offer processing on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis

EMP201 Monthly Returns - we assist you with submissions on SARS e-filing.

UIF Monthly Returns - as part of our payroll service we assist with the necessary submissions

Payroll Reporting - we supply standard payroll reports

Bulk Salary Payments - we load the net salary payments onto SAGE Pay, allowing you to make one bulk payment into this account, which ensures the privacy of the payment and saves you time.

IRP5 Tax Certificates - we submit all employee tax certificates on an annual basis, and we can also do manual submissions where necessary.

EMP501 Recons - bi-annual completion and submission

Secretarial Services / Our secretarial services include all aspects of company registrations / and related activities.


We interact with the CIPC on your behalf for all its main functions.

Company Registrations : We register companies on your behalf, including the completion, lodging and follow ups of all CoR forms, compilation and submission of MOIs, preparation of Share Certificates for the first allotment, an electronic company register and a permanent file for your company that is kept at our offices..